Poll: Who is the miss brisbaneforums.com
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6 40.00%
5 33.33%
Eastern jewel
4 26.67%
No one ,they r ugly
0 0%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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Miss Brisbaneforums.com
Hi ,

Lets choose the miss brisbaneforums.com , we have 3 hot girls at this forum

1= kPax ( miss Denmark)

2= Eastern jewel ( Miss India)

3= Choco ( Miss UK)
I gave it to my indian fellow Tongue .........though she iz hard on me ......
hahaha that is funny... Big Grin
Are we judging based on avatars or what?
-Driven by Precision-
I hope for world peace, and um er for everyone to have nice fluffy animals and oh geez I'm just no good at speeches but hey I have a great smile and huge b****!
A great 'bogan' phrase "show us ur *beep*!"
-Driven by Precision-
b Tongue ner...do the math...just letting imagination do the running...
OK B**B*
OK B**B*
i am such a dumb ass :oops:
huge b00bs ? you get my vote.
what the hell..ill give a speech aswell:

I promise each one that votes for me will be rewarded....hahah and yes I hope that we one day can achieve world peace and bla bla bla..free booze...bla bla...free drugs---...and alot of FUN...now vote!!!

ps. this is me-->[Image: playboy.jpg]
which one ? the guy with the security batch on,,"all units on b Confusedhock: Confusedhock: b
alert"..... :wink:
Quick someone call the playboy mansion, some bunnies are on the loose.
-Driven by Precision-

[Image: wp-1.jpg]
whoa! where have I been?? I'l say sumthing tooo!

"white is out,
tan is in.
been there done that,
vote and leme win"

Big Grin Big Grin

You guys vote for me and you get rid of HP. Peace on the world..? i dunno... but peace on Brisbane forums! ...Isnt that a gud reason??
Lol just kiddin, Hp's my supporter for this topic!

P.S: and hoo people, I can get implants and buy bunny cutumes too... so think about it :lol:
I believe in Karma what you give is what you get in return.

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