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QPIX RACIST film school
Brisbane film school race row. Beyond the other comment by the other poster, Rumor going around that a student at QPIX was racially abused, discriminated against and assaulted turns out to be true as this has been confirmed by many. Not going to name the victim, but I am sure as hell going to call out QPIX for this sort of disgusting behavior. This is the twenty first century. Apparently QPIX is still stuck in the 50s. I dont know how degrading and humiliating a student brings out their best work, but at QPIX it is apparently par for the course. The people who work there are real animals, who consider bullying and violence completely normal. I dont know how it remains open. I know for a fact this has happened to a few students over the last few years. God know how long this has been going on. I imagine that students are afraid to come forward for fear of having their careers damaged since QPIX is the first step in that career. Disgusting. Shame. Shame. Shame. This place needs to be shut down and heads need to roll. They can start with ceo kerry orourke who presides over this theater of the damned.

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