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2005 Subaru STI with 300 Horsepower for sale
New U.S. spec STI'S available for sale in Early July. 2 cars will be available. For more info e-mail me at
Are these the genuine article? or stolen to order?

I would prefer the Jap version. US Spec is down on power.
Sorry, don't deal with stolen goods here. New US version STI'S. Atcually these cars very strong and powerful. They will not lose to a Japanese STI. The ony reasn they do so on paper is because of two things:
1) Fuel in Calfornia is only at 91 Octane while in Japan it is over 100!
2) The emission control in California is very strict and they added an extra
Catalytic converter on the car which is very strict.
with 98 Octane in Australia this car will run great. You can have the care preordered with another full exhaust if you wish. Between exhaust and fuel only this car will push over 330 Horsepower easily depending on the exhaust you use.
Can you give me a bit more detail on the Spec it comes with, and approx price range.

Hmmm mis-information central.

US spec recieved the 2.5lt and is actually on par with an STi RA - which is still only the 2Lt but with twin scroll turbo setup.

Fuel ratings in the US may 'read' lower than japan but this is due to the US using a different rating system for ron content. US 93 ron is equivalent to Jap 100 ron.

And adding an exhaust to an STi (or any new age rexie) does not yeild any extra power due to the jec's compensation. The most it does is increase fuel consumption and gives you that beautiful boxer rumble.
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