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women comedians

black comedians who make fun of white people and nothing else

That idiot driving on the shoulder of the road while i'm stuck in traffic

That fat bastard who doesn't have the decency to step out his car to order his food, instead he honks his horn over and over and over..

People who wonder why they haven;t made any gains in the GYM even though they've been going for three years! YOU'R DOING SOMETHING WRONG MORON!! seriously, get the hell out of my gene pool bastard! hope you drown!

That dim witted bastard in class who doesn't have a clue...yet voices his semi-informed opinion anyway

Those jerks who shirts saying" powder for the people", you do know that the powder is Cocaine, right? and there are like fifty people wearing it in the same class!

HomeBoy who raps outside of class, please choke! don preach ebonics when you don't have a basic grasp of the language!

That tubby bastard who claims to play football, seriously, after a flight of stairs you'll find him rolling to class

Just a few of my peeves, thought i'd share..
Samuel L. Jackson> you
i dont drive but going for classes so cant say anything about the hard shoulder thing

but i agree with all of the others

heres a few from me

a guy who doesnt have a license but still talks about how he can drift, do 360's, a burnout & skid in his non existing friends car

a guy who is trying to act like a cool dude who keeps saying lies about stuff he has imagined he has done

a girl trying to act weak & brittle wen in front of a guy she likes

no offense meant
but i really know such people who to my misfortune i hav to meet in college almost 5 days a week
people who whinge and whine about other people doing things! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Old people who surf the net
Samuel L. Jackson> you
Lancelot sux ass!!! if was kissin the queen i'd smack that ho !!!
Samuel L. Jackson> you
- Drivers driving slow on the FAST lane
- AD and Saudi Drivers driving in the layby as if it was a fifth lane (shk Zayd rd)
cheers Al :)
where did the Lancelot statement come from?
I was watching a movie
lancelot is such a suck ass, i'd whip that fool so hard his mama would feel it!
tryin to tap the queen...Richard Gere is a HOMO
Samuel L. Jackson> you
Forgot to add
-People who are plain old stupid, they suck
Samuel L. Jackson> you
Victory Wrote:I was watching a movie
lancelot is such a suck a#s, i'd whip that fool so hard his mama would feel it!
tryin to tap the queen...Richard Gere is a HOMO

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I know the movie you are talking about. sean Connery is Arthur, if I am not mistaken. Crap film!

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