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Hobo Stabbing and raping in Kedron
Everyone in my familys been hearing rumors bout a guy who rapes then stbsa, or stbsa then rapes, in Kedron. can anyone confirm? any rumors you guys on the boards heard about? please do Share.
Always thought Kedron was the rough end of town!

But seriosuly, if it's true, i hope they catch the guy and do unto him what he doeth unto others.
whew! I got off late at night from my radio program here in Kedron, am so scared as my friend warned me bout the serial assailant. I come home round 11:30pm... and this news gives me unexplainable anxiety and worries. Walking few blocks from office to my flat seems to be a long way, and living alone brought me not only privacy but uncertainty. Sad


Praying for peace of mind.
you ougtha know me...
The guy just stbsa and runs according to the paper..... we should create some type of milita to combat these constant attacks on our little village
'we should create some type of milita to combat these constant attacks on our little village'


Get your 'zanoobas'. We'll get 'em in no time.
i think you have to ask this friend of yours to join you.... Remember the 1st pic you post at your topic: Post Cool Pictures, NOW I SAY!!!

badly needed for your troope! JOIN FORCES for the mission.

you ougtha know me...
We simply wait in dark alleys in the city and ambush people as they walk through, we're bound to get him..eventually...after a few innocents have had their shit ruined.....BUT NO PRICE IS TO GREAT FOR JUSTICE!
New report

'The eyewitness who had tried to hold on to the serial attacker who targets women in Kedron described him as tall and lean with a black long beard and a fair complexion. He believed the suspect is from Afghanistan.'

Sounds like every old Indian guy in Rolla.
Quote:Sounds like every old Indian guy in Rolla.

which you can bumped everywhere here in Kedron! whew!
you ougtha know me...

are you oriental? if you don't mind me asking or from Asia somewhere?
Pearl of Orient : Philippines --- why ask? :oops:
you ougtha know me...
I knew you were from Asia somewhere, I originally thought you were Chinese.

I could tell from your writing. Sorry, was just curious. No offence.
I don't really mind. I think I need to proofread my msg, it's either i'm grammatically wrong or there's a typographical carelessness something that identifies my nationality! whatever! getting concious! :oops:
you ougtha know me...
it's just the way it's typed that I was able to pick it up, and the way you phrase certain things. Small things that only someone who has spoken to or been on MSN/YM with asian people could pick up.
ah ok :flower: so how was it chatting with asian peeps? btw, wru from?
you ougtha know me...

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