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Making the government accountable for the Unemployment Crisis
I went into my job agency today and was basically abused by by job provider because apparently I had applied for all my jobs on the same day, and apparently Centrelink doesn't like that. They started accusing me of doing this, and said they had already warned me not to do this. That was a lie. They never warned me no to do this or even indicated that such a thing would be a problem. That is the part that really got me. Do they think I would be dumb enough to apply for all the jobs on the same day a second time, and put my Centrelink payments in jeopardy, if they had  already informed me of this requirement? I just kept my mouth shut, but was so angry they would pull this on me and make out I was in the wrong. I am venting here now, though. Had to get it out. Was so humiliated, they basically treated me like dirt, lower than dirt. I felt, worthless, useless and completely at their mercy, completely helpless.

Anyway what is wrong with applying for them on the same day? Hello?

I am a jobseker, unemployed, it makes perfect sense i only apply for jobs on the same day. I am trying to save money, can't afford an internet connection, so use an internet cafe.

I am so sick of Brisbane. I have been trying to get a job here since 2013 and NOBODY will give me a chance. I'm over it.

I think our government should be held responsible for the awful job situation in this country where 18 people are applying for one job, and that figure is probably very conservative as all the jobs I look at have in excess of 250 views within one hour. I think we unemployed jobseekers should launch a class action against the government for allowing immigration into this country, without ever going to a vote on it. I was never asked if I wanted half of China living here. I was never consulted about the damage that would result to my future prosperity, not to mention my kids and grand kids future prosperity, by going from an internal to an international job market, where my grand kids will have to compete with the 2 billion plus people in Aisa, who are all looking to come here for the better pay and conditions. 

This is a serious issue people, you need to wake up and look around you.

The government also needs to be help responsible for giving billions of taxpayers money to Centrelink and this job search places, that DON'T DO ANYTHING to actively help you get a job. So what is there purpose?

We also need to sue the companies who are hiring cheaper workers and bringing them over on special visas. I can't even get a job working in a low skilled field because all the jobs are taken by immigrants and for the companies who REFUSE to hire people, unless they can pay them nothing. 

I am on the verge of giving up. Employers don't really want to hire people. Every time I call employers they act like they don't want to know me. What is the deal? Also how hard is it to spend on day training someone on the job making coffee? Instead of expecting them to have been an experienced barista for 5 years? Ridiculous. Anyone can pick it up, IF GIVEN A CHANCE.

I am so over this whole country, I want to MOVE FAR, FAR, AWAY where the government actually CARES about its people, and isn't willing to sell them out to make a quick buck like ours has. Also why can half of "Chindia" come here and get work, but we are denied the same opportunity to find work in their countries? I am so over the whole thing.

Quote:With the current government statistics indicating that there are more than 18 job seekers competing for every listed job vacancy, this support can be the difference between becoming long-term unemployed and finding work quickly.

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