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Had a bad service from 1st class movers
Hi there,

Trying to remind you kindly to look for a good quality mover before home moving day. We had a bad service from the 1st class movers at the beginning of this month.

Firstly, they came to our old place 9.45am and started working 9.50am and finished 12.20pm , but they asked us to pay for 3.25 hours, $520.

Secondly, during moving, they processed very slow as talking a lots and had twice smoke breaks.

Third, our fridge and microwave have been damaged.

I sent a email to the company. Their response:
we arrived at 9:45 and left at 12:35 so the time should have been 2.75hrs hour not 3.25. They said they do not allow smoke breaks on clients time.

After another 4 working days, I emailed to them for advanced answer and refund, unfortunately, I got nothing return. Are there anything I can do?

Hope you guys won't get kind of bad experience as us, paid over than your budget but get the bad mood back.

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