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Tips to Save Gas
The cost of gas is continuously fluctuating. Most times, its sky higher!

Listed here are some tips for you to conserve gas.

1. Tune up your automobile always. Poor operating situation eats up much more gasoline.

2. Plan your route ahead of time. This avoids taking unnecessary driving.

3. Use your aircon sparingly. You are able to turn the aircon on to get a couple of minutes then turn it off
and let the fan circulate the cool air within the automobile. Do not open the windows when you aircon is on.

4. Maintain the windows closed when travelling at higher speed for less air friction.
Open windows drag the speed and lower gas mileage.

5. Don't idle your engine for lengthy intervals of time.

6. Don't travel at fast speeds in reduced gears unless of course you'll need the compression to sluggish down.

7. Try driving on permitted speed limit.

8. Do not rev the engine when not necessary.

9. When the price for gasoline is higher, don't fill up. Wait until it goes down.
You don't wish to give an impression to oil companies that you're willing to buy gas at any price.

10. Lastly, buy autos that have good gas mileage.

11. Do not forget to cover your car.


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