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Homelessness: Ipswich-Brisbane
For anyone who's interested, there's been a book released with information (all avenues 100+ pages) around homelessness across Ipswich & Brisbane - aiming to widen the scope of thought and debate around homelessness and its surrounding issues and to provide useful, practical information. This has been a DIY project over a year in the making with contributions from many many people.

"The aim of this book is to provide some direction to those who are homeless or are at risk of falling into homelessness; to make hard to find information available for those who might want to help someone in crisis but don't know how- and; to demonstrate to people from all walks of life that homelessness isn't a natural or a minor issue"

As cheap as possible (or free) depending on circumstance. For more information/contents etc visit the website (limited copies for now unfortunately):

Direct action against homelessness and the system which maintains it

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