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Really want to know about the jobs in Australia.
Hello! I am a student going to Australia for my studies and need to have a look at the job scenario there. I am considering working there as I would be needing some extra money (apart from the one I will be getting for my studies). Just need some info on the jobs available there …….. do you people have some info for me???

There are many types of jobs available like jobs on part-time, permanent, contract jobs and if you need a complete view of the information there then you can check out Australia Top 10 ,
This has a good content that can be of your interest. There are many other sources too available … you just need to have a basic search for that.

ok keep away from jobfinder as they advertise looking for workers in varied jobs but they dont pay you so if who ever you have been working for doesnt pay you then your stuffed and jobfinder will get their comission and not want to know about you.
their are hundreds of employment agencies in Brisbane infact more employment agencies than jobs so you will be paid a low wage as they pay you $12per hour they also get that their just middle men/women parasites if they got rid of them then people would get a better wage.

one more thing if your a student then your limited to how many hours you can do here and if you go over then your in big trouble and could be deported and most employer will not take on foreigners unless they are desparate or foreigners themselves.

all employment agencies advertise looking for workers when you phone they ask you to come in and fill in some forms hand in your resume and all your info that could be used for illegal purposes and remember these people who run and work in these agencies dont need police checks and their is no guarantee of work infact to tell you the truth being a student you will be lucky to get any work with them also remember this is the convict colony and its been passed down through generations so be warned everyone is out to rob everyone here.

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