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Skin Cancer in Australia
I have read that every second person in Australia have some kind of skin cancer because of Ozone Holes.
How true is this? How to protect while visiting Australia?
Thank you.

It's not ozone holes; just the power of a sun high in the sky.
At a guess: are you fron Northern Europe? or USA?
We recommend :

SLIP on a shirt, preferably long-sleeved
SLOP on sunscreen 30+
SLAP on a hat!

Don't deliberately expose yourself to midday sun.

Taking zinc tablets -- I did so, and my skin has stayed good.

Get any suspicious area checked, at a place that does molescan

What does zinc has to do with protecting against sunburns or cancer?

Zinc is involved in the healing process, and may reduce solar damage.
After years of sailing in Australia, it seems to have worked for me.
"Why zinc is good for you

Zinc is very important for proper functioning of the immune system – current research shows that zinc supplements assist with quicker healing of the cold or flu.

Zinc also keeps the skin healthy, helps preserve eyesight and might even improve memory.

Over 200 different enzymes in the body depend on zinc to work properly. Zinc is necessary to make many hormones, including the ones that tell the immune system what to do when it is under attack from germs. Zinc is essential for making hormones that control growth and for the important male hormone testosterone.

There is some zinc in every one of the cells in thebody, but most of it is in the skin, hair, nails and eyes "

Try googling "zinc" "healing"

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