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New-ish to brisbane...?
I am originally from NZ, been here about four months. Are there any newbys to brisbane? Would like to hear about your experiences here and how you have settled in? In meantime, im here if anyone needs a chat Big Grin

hi, im from nz thinking of moving to brisbane but hesitating. I have a sister and some cousins there but freaked out about being overwhelmed with it all living in a new bigger city. Are jobs easy to get there or are they as tight as here? im 24 and a receptionist at moment, probably go into same kindve thing, although im desperate to find something more career-ish but not sure what i wanna do.

hw have you found moving there? is it easy to make friends, is the sheer size of the place and time it takes to get anywhere as bad as it seems?

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