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Full Version: hello from london
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hey guys,

My partner (28) and I (24) are moving to Brisbane feb next year.
He is an engineer and already got a good job and Ive been accepted at queensland uni.

We are very excited and happy about our move.

recently we have been trying to work out how much our expenses will be.

Does anyone can tell me more or less the values per month for like

car insurance
night out

thanks and hugs Big Grin
Hi from London!!

Also from London!

Love living in Brisbane,'s getting very very expensive, shocking sometimes!

It's very hard to give advice about the cost of living, same as the uk, folk shop around and pick up bargains. Our weekly shopping for two is twice that of the UK. But produce is far far fresher, keeps longer.

Look at some of the price comparison sites, there's quite a few. Bring everything you can with you...don't think "we'll get new there" It will eat into your settling in money.

But most of're coming really you'll have to adjust why worry!!

Good luck with the move