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Confusedhock: Come on Brisbanites aren't you sick of getting horrible or NO service at business's- getting ripped off and abused?

NAME and SHAME business's and their staff.

I work in retail and I know exactly what it can be like copping everyone and their bad moods but we choose to work in the industry so should deal with it, but when I go to a busines of any kind I expect nothing more than a polite hello and whatever I pay for.

So my first name and shame goes toooooo-RIVERLIFE Brisabne, I bought 5 vouchers as gifts and not long after we had the flooding and crap weather for weeks, and now they will not extend the voucher nor will they refund all or any of the money I paid for these-whoops nearly forgot to mention the shitty attitude of the receptionist and her NOT MY PROBLEM attitude!

Have your say cos as long as we still go to these places they will continue to have crap staff and zero integrity unless we let everyone know where NOT to go!
That sucks. I recently felt ripped off going to a "film school" called QPIX at Annerley. The guy who runs it Kerry Orourke is a real douche bag. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
Just wanting to share an experience that I had with KingfordSmithParking in Brisbane. We arrived at the Parking place around 6.30pm a hour and a bit before our flight- Yes I know left it a bit late but we had checked in online the previous day before. We waited and waited for the parking people to take us to the airport finally we were in the bus ready to go and then the driver (RUSSELL) told us to wait for the next people whose flight was at 9.20pm. I was a bit angry but I thought its okay we have checked in surely it wont take that long. We waited again. FINALLY we were taken to the airport, walked into the doors and was told by our airline that we were 1 minute late to check in our bags. (It takes 21 minutes to Scan Bags) We were there at 7.21 our flight was leaving at 7.40. We ended up buying another ticket for $1400 for 4 people one way to Cairns-$330 each. We Called Russell the owner of this KingsfordSmithParking and he was not cooperative at all he said he wasn't prepared to do anything. He just said tough luck. We asked if he would refund the $85.00 for the parking, he said no. We thought this was reasonable as we were $1400 out of pocket. We didn't have much time to talk so we caught out $1400 flight to Carins. On the way home, We were picked up and talked to Russell face to face- he was very rude and didn't want to listen. He wouldn't even admit he was at fault. He said we were only waiting for 15 minutes but we had a receipt which states we were there at 6.30pm. 1 hour before and according to their website it takes 9-12 minutes if you add the 15 minutes of waiting- that is 6.45 plus the time 12 minutes 6.57pm a whole 43 minutes to place our baggage on. I just want to warn anyone of how rude and incompetent this service was. We are now at a loss of $1400 + and I will never park their again. All we wanted was a sincere apology- I was wrong- I should of dropped you off earlier so you did not miss your flight. I was too embarrassed to speak up and ask him to hurry because I expected that he would know what time we needed to be there, since it is his job to transport people to their flight.