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Full Version: Very BAD experience @ 2 in 1 Japanese bakery Adelaide st.BNS
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Very BAD experience @ 2 in 1 Japanese bakery Adelaide st. Brisbane

What can I say..I had a very high expectation to come to this shop, leave with a very unhappy feeling and I swear I'll never enter this shop again!!!

What happened was:
At 5pm on 24 September 2010, I went to this shop, I picked up a cup cake and a $33 cake, there was a female at the counter who served me, there's no smile on her face and no greetings to me...I didn't mind, I thought I only come to buy a cake so even the female is not polite, I endure it. But what worse was, when she took my money and give me the change, I thought I need a $5 note, so I give her two $2 coins and one $1 coin and asked her if she can give me a $5 note, she immediately stared on me, when I repeated, she unpleasantly said"I don't have many $5 notes"...but at that time, there's a $5 note on the counter...
I don't know if your shop has a rule regarding the notes, if you have, you can inform the customer and we will understand. But this female's behavior is REALLY unpolite!!! staffs represent the shop's image, their behavior directly affect the impression to the shop.
This female in the shop today very much disappointed me, I don't think I would ever enter this shop again...