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Full Version: Favourite Radio Station
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With so many stations popping up all over the place the choice seems to be getting bigger all the time.

Just wondered what stations you like listening to in Australia?


I am not in Australia yet so I dunno...


When I come down I expect to start up a new radio station. Cheesy 95.3 FM - Your 24 hour source for all the classic soundtracks from your favorite porno movies of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. :lol:
XM Radio is the way to go!!!!
I am not into commercial radio much because of the continuous advertising, so we listen to Triple J most days! Its the only music station i have discovered with more music and less advertising, so im happy Big Grin Is there any other that anyone can suggest..?
Cheers, Luvley
ABC FM for classical music on long drives