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Unlimited vacations and $6000 cash?
Have you heard of Club Freedom?

I first heard about it when I bumped into an old friend in the supermarket. He was trying to tell me about this great NEW program where you can access a wholesale holiday voucher (up to 60% off accommodation packages or cruises) AND if you want to refer a few mates you can also earn $6000 AU plus get a FREE 7 night holiday... blah, blah, blah.

I thought it HAD to be a scam, told him I didn't want to talk to anybody (having been involved with a network marketing company some years ago that pushed the hard sell and the cold calling. Uhh!) and I sprinted to the nearest checkout.

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me because I already buy discount holiday vouchers from a company in Brisbane (with no rewards) and I LOVE to I checked out the web site. Seems they use a revolutionary new concept called a "revolving matrix system" which allows anyone who gets enters the program to move to the top, earn the $6000, and then re-enter the program. You can do this over and over or you can just use your discount holiday voucher and not worry about the cash side of the program. The voucher alone is a great deal and can be used at over 1300 resorts around the world.

I admit I had a bit of trouble understanding the reward side of the program and (reluctantly) emailed my friend who gave me more information. Anyway, after extensive research and sitting and watching other people having success with it for months, I finally joined the Club!

Club Freedom is not a scam, it is a one time purchase, there are no monthly fees, it is internet based, has members from around the world and you know my friend.........?

He earned his first $6000 in less than 2 months without even picking up the phone!(and he hasn't stopped there)

To find out more visit the site
or call Angie on (02) 66293184

email: see below
Club Freedom is a big scam. Trust me!!!
I personally know the people who run this online business, Thy have the complete control of the "Boards" !! if you can call them that!. They get to us your money by setting up there own positions on the board, If they choose thet can put themselves straight to the top, even though someone else may hav been waiting months for that " Your nearly ready to be paid bullshit as long as you move up 1 more square.

One bloke is allready serving time in jail who started the website a fiew years ago. the other ( Hi John)! is driving a new Mercedes Benz thanks to "Everyones hard work".
Me personally, I would be contacting ASIC on 1300 300 630

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